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What Is a Life Care Plan?

The Life Care Plan places special emphasis on issues surrounding the elderly, those with long-term illnesses, and incapacity. The Life Care Plan connects your concerns about long-term care with our knowledge and expertise.

Our firm’s focus is to maximize quality of life and independence while preserving assets from the high cost of care. We provide assistance with the legal, financial and care-related challenges elders face.

Our on-staff Elder Care Coordinator offers support to families whose elderly loved ones are at home, in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. They coordinate needed care, community services, and serve as the elder’s advocate.  This lightens the load for family caregivers, improves the elder’s qualify of life, and can even postpone the need for nursing home care.

The Life Care Plan is a holistic approach, so we work together with your financial planners to develop a plan together to attack the high cost of health care.

The Life Care Plan itself is actually a relationship and a planning process with us. Your Life Care Plan can provide the “road map” that allows you to follow through to achieve your quality of life, care, and long-term care goals.

Planning Goals

There are three principal goals of the Life Care Plan that we help you develop and implement:

  1. We help make sure that you or your loved one gets good care, whether that care is at home or outside the traditional home setting. This is the most important of all goals, as it goes to the very heart of your quality of life. Your Life Care Plan is focused first on your good health, safety, and well-being.
  2. We help you make decisions relating to your long-term care and special needs. We are your resource of experienced, supportive, knowledgeable, and objective advisors.
  3. We help you find sources to pay for long-term care. We work with you through the maze of choices and options to find the best, or often, the most comfortable solution to the asset protection problem created by the high cost of long-term care.

Your Care Questions Answered

We will answer your questions about your long-term care and health care choices:

  • What health care, chronic care, and long-term care services are available to me? How can I get the good care I need and desire, whether in my own home, in a residential community or assisted-living facility, in a child’s home, or in a nursing home?
  • How will financial and health care decisions be made for me if I cannot make them for myself? Who can I rely on to make sure that decisions to be made are the right ones?
  • If I can’t take care of myself, who will make sure my spouse continues to have a good quality of life?
  • If there a health care crisis, what will we have to do? Where do we turn for the help we need?
  • How do I know I am getting good care? Who will advocate and intervene for me if necessary to ensure my right to quality health care and long-term care?

Other Questions

A Life Care Plan helps you and your loved ones answer other pressing questions as well:

  • How do I assure my financial security as I get older?
  • What public benefits am I entitled to, and what do I have to do to qualify for them?
  • Should I rely on Medicaid or other government benefits to help pay for my care? How do I apply for benefits?
  • What kinds of insurance do I need? Should I buy long-term care insurance? Should I join a Medicare HMO?
  • How and when should I distribute my assets? Can I save taxes and avoid probate?
  • Do I have to spend all of my money on my care, whether in my home or in a residential care facility such as a nursing home? How can I protect my assets to take care of my spouse, to ensure I get good care, or to leave to my children?
  • How do I provide for family members with special needs?

Your Road Map

Your Life Care Plan is customized to fit your desires and needs. Your Life Care Plan can then provide you the road map to follow to achieve your care and asset protection goals. And, when changes occur, we stay with you every step of the way to help you shift to another road as it becomes necessary.

Your Life Care Plan therefore includes elder law, care assessment and coordination services.

What is an elder care coordinator?


Our Elder Care Coordinators have specific skills and knowledge to help our clients and their families attain the highest quality of life, given their circumstances.  An Elder Care Coordinator will:

• Answer questions, provide support, and clarify numerous issues.

• Help clients and families identify care problems and assist in solving them.

• Assist families in identifying and arranging proper care, whether in the home, in a facility, or in the hospital.

• Coordinate with medical and health providers.

• Help with coordinating transfer and transportation of an older person to or from a care facility.

• Guiding the client and the family through the maze of long term care issues.

• Call for, and attend care meeting in facilities to meet the needs of the elderly client.

• Advocate for the client.

Your Elder Care Coordinator functions as the point of contact for the family, and assists in coordinating services to help take care of the client.  As our families begin their journey through the long-term care system, it is helpful for the families to have a supportive and knowledgeable advocate to help them every step of the way.

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